Spicy Goat Foot Soak 160g

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Spicy Goat - Foot Soak

Biohawk's special blend of goat milk powder, ginger spices, passionflower and tea tree herb is designed to pamper and soften your feet and to soak your stress and aches away.

Ingredients: powdered goat milk, dry powder of blend of Zingiberaceae (ginger) spices, passionflower herb dried, tea tree powder.

Store sealed in a cool dry place.

Instructions: Add 2 cups luke warm water to a foot bath or small tub that can just accommodate your feet and then add 2 level tablespoons (16g) of Spicy Goat Foot Soak. Soak your feet and relax for 20 – 30 minutes.

Pat your feet dry and massage in Biohawk Essential Balm.

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