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Order your Helpful Hints Fridge Magnet today and make treating your food easy

Biohawk’s approach is to use common plant foods – ginger spices and pineapple – rich in their unique natural enzymes

  • to digest proline-rich proteins and carbohydrates in your food and from membranes of cells that are resistant to digestion and that cause food intolerance and allergy
  • to reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases
  • to repair life’s damages to our bodies
  • and to prepare Safe Nutritious Food 4 ALL with all minerals, vitamins and energy fully released
  • Biohawk products may also deactivate some infectious bacteria and viruses like influenza and SARS with the same technology.

Relief, a dry powder made from the three gingers, stable at ambient temperatures, taken after meals and used in food preparation.

How do I take Relief?

Step 1: Follow the food preparation instructions to treat all your food when it is cold and raw, as per the 2 Step Plan

Step 2: Experience has shown Relief is best taken after breakfast and after dinner at an amount related to your body weight: ½ level teaspoon for 60Kg twice a day, and proportionally less or more depending on your weight. The level can be increased up to a level teaspoon after 3 meals for 60Kg body weight for more serious conditions. It is taken in water or a juice as per the 2 Step Plan

Ingredients: dry powder of blend of Zingiberaceae (ginger) spices

Store sealed in a cool dry place

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