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Pine Crush

Pine Crush, a dry powder, is a freeze-dried liquid extract, stable at ambient temperatures but hydroscopic and the pack must be kept sealed. The powder is dissolved in water and made up to 250mL. It is taken when required to remove a carbohydrate coating from a proline-rich protein to aid in the digestion of such proteins using the Biohawk ginger products.

How do I take Pine Crush?

Pine Crush solution made from dissolving the powder in water and making the solution up to 250mL (store refrigerated). The levels taken are ½ teaspoon for an infant under 10Kg, 1 teaspoon for a child under 30Kg, and 2 teaspoons (a dessertspoon) usually twice a day prior to meals, increased to 3 times a day for serious conditions.

Pine Crush/Ginger Enzyme Protocol is recommended for people with viral or bacterial infections to complement the treatment recommended by their medical team.

Ingredients: dry powder of a pineapple juice.

Store sealed in a cool dry place.

Biohawk’s approach is to use common plant foods – ginger spices and pineapple – rich in their unique natural enzymes

  • to digest proline-rich proteins and carbohydrates in your food and from membranes of cells that are resistant to digestion and that cause food intolerance and allergy
  • to reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases
  • to repair life’s damages to our bodies
  • and to prepare Safe Nutritious Food 4 ALL with all minerals, vitamins and energy fully released
  • Biohawk products may also deactivate some infectious bacteria and viruses like influenza and SARS with the same technology.
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