Biohawk Pineapple Products

Pine Crush – a Natural Digestion Aid

The Queensland Sunshine Coast produces a variety of pineapple that is rich in an enzyme that is capable of digesting polysaccharide molecules, as well as the usual bromelain protease. Biohawk has developed Pine Crush with a high concentration of active enzymes to aid in the digestion of both polysaccharides and proteins made from the whole pineapple (skin removed). Currently it is only available in a form that has to be kept cold in a refrigerator during use and stored frozen. Biohawk plans to produce it as a dry powder in the not too distant future.

Pine Crush has been shown to digest phlegm in the throat and lungs. It was developed to remove the carbohydrate coating on Gram-negative bacteria that binds to membrane proteins preventing the ginger digesting these proteins. Some viruses also have a carbohydrate coating covering their membrane proteins.