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BakeAid is great for baking - breaking down the gluten in wheat flour

BakeAid is a dry powder of a special proprietary blend of rhizomes of the

Zingiberaceae family (gingers), encapsulated in rice flour, designed to

be added as an ingredient in the preparation of food containing wheat

flour to lower the level of gluten protein to reduce the risk of gluten

intolerance and to improve the palatability of the food.

Bake Aid

Bake Aid, a dry, stable powder made from Relief with the enzyme activity reduced with the addition or rice flour to make it efficient to sieve uniformly through cereal or legume grain flour. It is also used in general food preparation. It is far less spicy than Relief.

Add ¼ tspn bake aid to each cup flour and sift 3 times, then proceed as normal.

WARNING: bake aid reduces the level of ‘gluten’ and the risk of an adverse reaction, but it DOES NOT MAKE THE FOOD ‘GLUTEN FREE’. ‘Sensitive’ people may well experience adverse reactions from the wheat or other flour.

Ingredients: rice flour, dry powder of blend of Zingiberaceae (ginger) spices

Store sealed in a cool dry place

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