How do you treat yourself?

With Ginger Products

Take one of Biohawk’s ‘ginger products’ (Relief in water or a juice, or DigestEasy straight or in a juice) in an amount proportional to your weight (for 60Kg body weight, ½ teaspoon (1g) Relief or 10mL DigestEasy solution morning and night usually after a meal:

  • to ensure the foods’ proline-rich proteins have been totally digested and the immune system is calmed down so that it functions normally, ensuring the autoimmune disease genes are switched off,
  • to activate macrophages to assist in the body’s natural repair system,
  • to give a ‘haircut’ to proline-rich proteins on the membranes of viruses, bacteria, and other dangerous cells.

With Pineapple Products

To remove carbohydrate coatings from proline-rich membrane proteins on ‘bad’ cells infecting your body, so the ginger enzymes can more effectively digest these proline-rich proteins, take Biohawk’s Pine Crush solution (1 teaspoon – 5mL- for a child and 2 teaspoons – 10mL for an adult) at least twice a day and before taking the ‘ginger product’ by at least 10 minutes (recommended before meals).