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Overcoming Reflux

Is reflux burning you up inside???

Reflux and indigestion affects millions of people’s lives every day with one in ten adults experiencing reflux every week.  For some, the symptoms of reflux and indigestion may only be mild, with only a slightly uncomfortable sensation in the stomach or the occasional regurgitation.

For others the pain can be severe and quite disruptive.  Although symptoms may be mild, your body may still be suffering damage.

What goes down shouldn’t come up

When you swallow, food passes down a long tube between the mouth and your stomach called the oesophagus.  Your digestive system has mechanisms for allowing food and drink to pass into your stomach, and prevent it from coming back up. When these mechanisms don’t work properly, your stomach contents can squeeze out of your stomach and back up into your oesophagus. When this happens, the acid and other secretions that normally digest your food actually burn and begin to digest the lining of your oesophagus; this is what causes the burning sensation that is so irritating for people with reflux. If this happens often enough, the tissue may become so damaged that it becomes ulcerated.

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