In August this year I took myself off to Brisbane to meet with Dr Cliff Hawkins and see what could be done about making Biohawk products readily available to New Zealanders.  Like me, other people in NZ ordered products from Brisbane online, but the frozen products Digest easy and Pine Crush, that are so good for children and to fight infection couldn’t be ordered due to shipping time, and the freight and exchange rate made the order more expensive.

I had been using the products myself for dairy intolerance for a few years and every time I went to Australia would bring some back in my suitcase, but this wasn’t sustainable and meant I was limited in the number of people I could recommend them to in my Practice.

Dr Hawkins had been looking into the New Zealand market, knowing how many people from NZ are connected with Australia in some way, and that he was getting a few orders from over the ditch.  He was more than supportive of building a relationship with Upbeat Health and supporting us to make the whole product range available in Aotearoa.

So in September this year the first bulk shipment arrived at Upbeat Health in Katikati, safe and sound thanks to the care of Mainfreight Ocean and Air.  We worked overtime to get our website upgraded to show our new focus as Biohawk Distributor, and get an online store up and running smoothly so people could easily learn about the Biohawk products and purchase them.

To help people learn about the products and understand how to use them, I have started presenting Dr Hawkins work in a two hour seminar that is free to attend and includes a one hour food preparation demonstration.  The unique Treat Your Food – Treat Yourself protocol is different and feels challenging to learn initially so the practical demonstration of the food preparation techniques is a great way for someone new to the protocol to get started. I will be making these presentations around the North Island in 2016 and if you are interested in arranging a seminar in your town please contact Jenny.

I am enormously excited about the partnership between Upbeat Health and Biohawk.  The opportunity to help New Zealanders, who are experiencing health problems from Food Intolerance and Autoimmune Disease, to implement Biohawk’s unique products into their lives to help them feel well and live well.

If you know someone suffering from food intolerance, inflammatory bowel disease, any one of the 300 or so autoimmune diseases or fertility problems including multiple miscarriages then please do them a huge favour and tell them about Biohawk.

We look forward to providing Biohawk help to New Zealanders in the years to come.


Kia ora