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Helping New Zealanders with food sensitivities.

At Upbeat Health we take a natural approach to feeling good and living well. We are passionate about eating healthy local food, getting plenty of exercise in the fresh air, managing stress, reducing chemical exposure, and living a low waste lifestyle. We are also involved in the Regenerative Farming movement with our avocado orchard in Katikati.

Hello, I’m Jenny Hobbs, your practitioner at Upbeat Health. I’m a Naturopath with a degree in Complementary Medicine and qualifications in herbal medicine and nutrition.

Qualifications :: BHSc (Comp Med), ND (Adv)

Over the years I’ve helped lots of people change their diet to take out common foods that are causing health problems, but in all cases making these changes is hard, especially for busy families and when the forbidden foods are everyones favourites, like breakfast cereals, bread and biscuits, milk, yoghurt and cheese. I’m delighted to offer New Zealanders an alternative to restrictive diets with the Biohawk range of enzyme products. This revolutionary Treat Your Food – Treat Yourself protocol means people with food intolerances can use the Biohawk products to treat their food during preparation, which pre-digests away the problem parts of the food, making it safe to eat. And better still, more nutrients are available to the body from the treated foods, and Biohawk products may also deactivate some infectious bacteria and viruses like influenza and SARS with the same technology. Upbeat Health is the New Zealand distributor for Biohawk and I provide free phone and video consultations on the use of the products implementing the Biohawk 2 Step Plan.

Feel Good Live Well.

Biohawk has searched nature to find a broad range, rapid, safe, natural treatment for and prevention of serious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and food intolerance and allergy and their associated autoimmune diseases, and has also discovered an important key to good nutrition and palatable food for humans and other animals.

Biohawk’s approach is to use common plant foods – ginger spices and pineapple – rich in their unique natural enzymes

  • to digest proline-rich proteins and carbohydrates in your food and from membranes of cells that are resistant to digestion and that cause food intolerance and allergy and other serious diseases
  • to reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases
  • to repair life’s damages to our bodies
  • and to prepare Safe Nutritious Food 4 ALL with all minerals, vitamins and energy fully released

Biohawk’s mission is:

  • To learn from nature how to improve human health and nutrition and other animals’ health and nutrition
  • To reduce the risk of food intolerance and allergies and associated autoimmune diseases
  • To produce more palatable and healthy food and drinks economically without unnatural treatments and with reduced impacts on the environment, with less food required to meet nutritional needs
  • To produce commercial animals with markedly improved animal welfare and with lower intake of feed and water to protect these scarce resources and without contributing to greenhouse gas production
  • To assist disadvantaged people by working with well-equipped and staffed medical clinics to improve their nutrition and to focus on food intolerance and the serious diseases that flow from a hypersensitised immune system

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